Motorizing its sliding gate has now become very practical thanks to the many solutions offered by manufacturers. Usually, we are offered a self-supporting motorization or a ground rail motorization. However, there is also what is known as a sliding gate drive. We don't meet her very often, but she also has considerable assets that deserve to be discovered. Find out everything you need to know about it.


The specific features of a sliding gate motorisation with a impeller
Wheeled sliding gate drive is not as different from other remote control system of its kind. Its operation is very simple indeed! It is simply a matter of equipping the gate with an engine that turns a wheel. The sliding gate can then be opened or closed by means of these wheels (more precisely by moving them) depending on the user's commands. Normally, its wheels are equipped with a sensor or electronic sensor. The role of the latter is to trigger the mechanism when they receive the signal emitted by the gate remote control. With some models of sliding gate motorization, it is even possible to simply approach with your vehicle to open the gate. Another feature that will make your life even easier.


Why opt for a sliding gate drive with a wheel?
Before enumerating the different reasons why choosing a sliding gate drive rf remote system with a wheel can be beneficial, it is important to point out here that there are certain constraints inherent in it. Among so many others, we can mention in particular the fact that it requires a very well-stabilized soil. However, there are special models that can be adapted to different heights.


Finally, with regard to the many advantages of the sliding gate drive system, first and foremost, it is easy to install. There is not much to do to install a wheel motor. Simply attach the wheels and motor to the gate. And of course, the accessories you'll need for that are available. This type of automation is also appreciated for its durability and low maintenance requirements. From time to time, it will simply be necessary to check the condition of the wheels and make sure that no external elements (mud, stones, etc.) are embedded in them. Finally, the sliding gate motorization with wheel is also very economical and its price remains affordable, thus accessible to the greatest number of people.